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Our Mission

Toast 91 allows victims of abuse to access digital support - when they need it, where they need it. As easy as making Toast!

We are a B-Corp pending* with a mission to create simple & easy access to support services for children who need help.

We are starting in schools by creating an interface for pupils to access any support they need safely and easily - education, information, click through to support that already exists either within the school or externally.

We want to transform the charity and support sector by injecting great technology where it is badly needed. We are champions for #aiforgood

Toast91 Company’s objectives are: 

  1. To safely and quickly provide digital help to vulnerable children and adults.

  2. To provide leading edge technology to charities and support services helping vulnerable people. 

  3. To provide technical support to charities and support services to enable them to use leading edge technology. 

  4. To pay market rates (including bonuses / equity / benefits etc) for employees at all levels (not to pay less as per not for profits and charities) on the basis of the belief that this is the key to getting leading edge technology into social impact organisations.

  5. To create leading edge technology/services specifically designed for social impact or to create software/services that can create profits to support social impact initiatives.

  6. To create communities of practice for safeguarding and technology within the social impact space.

  7. To use AI for good, ensuring vulnerable people are kept safe online and their data and journey is respected as their own that they are in control of. 

  8. To use suppliers which have minority founders, B-Corp/ Pending B-Corp status or are otherwise ethically sound.

  9. To use the Company’s profits primarily for use on creating leading edge technology for use for social impact or to make profits which can be re-invested in people or technology for good.



*Certification in progress

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